I have been having my carpet professionally cleaned twice a year for several years and had misplaced the carpet cleaners phone number. I found HD Chem-Dry’s phone number and scheduled a cleaning. What a night and day experience that was, the job Heath did was so much better than anyone else. Thank you Heath at HD Chem-Dry!

Client: Kevin M

I have never seen my carpet this clean.

Client: Lisa S.

HD Chem-Dry saved me thousands of dollars. I no longer need to replace my carpet because the cleaning job makes them look brand new.

Client: Brent P.

I have 2 VERY active and messy boys along w 2 dogs and HD Chem-Dry has been my savior multiple times over the last few years. I’ve had everything from green paint, dirt, food and the “who knows what ” stains and the HD Chem-Dry team always manages to make my carpet look brand new

Client: Tracie V

The HD Chem-Dry technique was better than any service I had ever used. I have used HD Chem-Dry for my furniture and carpets. I still have the same furniture and I don’t think that would have been possible had I not maintained it and used HD Chem-Dry. I also appreciate the staff that calls and reminds me when I am due. They are always friendly to work with.

Client: Kelly F

HD Chem-Dry came into home and looked at all rooms of carpet I wanted done, started to vacuum all rooms. I asked if they could also clean a chair (I am sure they were on a schedule, but they took the time to do it for me). I have 4 dogs in the house, they spotted areas where there had been mishaps from both dogs and humans. After cleaning, they gathered up all equipment, presented me with an invoice (which was very affordable for what they had done. My carpet is 20 years old and it looked almost new when they finished. Great job done by HD Chem-Dry, will have them again as soon as extra guests have left

Client: Janet S